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Pamela Hilliard Owens
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Today, October 16, is #NationalBossDay, and today I celebrate ME!

What I’ve Learned in 13 Years as a Solopreneur

In 2008, right in the middle of the #GreatRecession and after two previous careers in education and corporate sales, I decided I never wanted to work for anyone else ever again…

Did you fulfill your childhood career dream? Why or why not?

If you remember your early elementary school days, you will surely remember being asked this question in school and by your family and friends. At first, you probably gave the usual answers: policeman, fireman, astronaut, etc. As you got older, your answers may have become more specific: scientist, artist, musician…

It’s time to declutter my home and my business

It is officially Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, which usually means cooler weather and more time indoors. …

Video is the fastest-growing social sharing media

I am sure that you have noticed that the use of video in social sharing and online learning has exploded. First, because of COVID, people in general have become more comfortable being on camera than they were before. …

How to Survive the Wednesday Midweek Slump

Wednesday. What a day! It is the middle day of the week, it has the most letters in its name of all of the days of the week, and it is not pronounced the way it is spelled. Evolved from the Old English Wodnesdaeg and Middle English Wednesdei words for…

Unfortunately, I cannot make the switch to Apple Maps because surprisingly, it does NOT provide biking directions for Detroit! In the last few years, Detroit and the surrounding areas have installed scores of miles of dedicated bike lanes and greenways, yet a supposedly forward-leaning company like Apple can't give us biking directions?!?!?

It’s My Birthday Month AND the Start of Q4

Day 5 of my 31-day October Medium Writing Goal

Yes, there are many reasons for me to love October: the #1 reason is that my birthday comes near the end of this month! #ScorpiosRule!

Also, October is the first full month of the fall season here in the Northern Hemisphere…

No Instagram or WhatsApp either?

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Earlier today, Monday, October 4, 2021, #Facebook, #Instagram, and #WhatsApp all went down all over the world all at the same time. As of this writing, all three apps, all of which are owned by Zuckerberg, are still down.

Luckily (and it IS just “luck”), #LinkedIn and #Twitter are still…

Happiness is a Choice

Monday is the first day of my week, and it is the first day of my work week. Often, people publish memes and statements that say how much they “hate” Mondays or even how on Mondays they are already looking forward to Friday. I prefer a different mindset.

Of course…

Sunday Morning, Sunday Afternoon, and Sunday Evening

Sunday means different things to different people. I like the Lionel Ritchie paradigm from his hit song “Easy Like Sunday Morning…” because I like the different choices I have for how to spend my Sundays.

For me, Sunday is the end of their week, although others set Sunday as the…

Pamela Hilliard Owens

Biz consultant, writer, editor, author, publisher, podcaster, speaker. Founder/CEO: TeamOwens313 Global Creative Community, YB2C, and Detroit Ink Publishing

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